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What Is B2B Lead Generation? 5 Steps to Building Your Contact Base

The B2B marketing industry is worth an estimated $127 billion worldwide.

A considerable part of marketing to businesses is B2B lead generation. Unless you have people to sell to, your marketing tactics won’t count for much.

So what exactly is B2B lead generation? You might be familiar with the idea of searching for clients and customers, but there is a lot more to a successful lead generation strategy than that.

Read on as we take a closer look at B2B lead generation and explain the five key steps when implementing an effective strategy for finding business clients.

1. Decide on Your Target Market

It would be best to decide early on who you are aiming for with your lead generation strategies. If you are selling farming equipment, you do not want your marketing content ending up in the inbox of an insurance agent.

Be as precise as you can. If your product fulfills a niche requirement, target workers in that niche first and foremost.

2. Use the Right Software

Nowadays, technology has a role to play in almost everything. Lead generation is no different; unless you are leveraging the right software solutions for your campaign, you cannot operate with maximum efficiency.

Tools that guide technical factors, such as SEO, are handy.

3. Decide Who Is Doing What Early On

There can be a lot of inefficiencies when it comes to the delegation of work tasks, especially in larger companies. Having a clear idea of which team is in charge of which set of functions will help avoid this problem.

If your firm has both a marketing and sales department, ensure that their roles are clearly defined. They should still cooperate closely, but there should be no confusion around which team is taking on which task.

4. Focus on Your Content

In 2020, you need to have content that stands out. The average American receives 120 emails every day; unless yours does something to grab their attention, they will ignore it.

With that in mind, use colors, images, and words to the best of your ability. In a short-form vehicle like an email, you need to focus on grabbing attention above all else. You can fill your leads in on the details of your business once you get them interested.

5. Decide on Your Distribution Channels

Once you’ve got a snappy content strategy, you need to decide how you want to introduce it to the world.

At One Stop Emails, we can help you generate leads through several different means. We offer email marketing, flyers and newsletters, and longer-form marketing content. Whatever you need, we have got you covered.

B2B Lead Generation Strategies That Work in 2020

B2B lead generation can be challenging. Marketing to businesses can be harder than selling to consumers, as you have to concentrate much more on adding measurable value.

However, implementing strategies like those above will have you well on the way to landing lots of new business clients. Start putting them into practice today!

If you need help crafting an effective email marketing strategy, contact us today.