Obtain Quality Leads

Obtain Quality Leads

Do you want to expand your business and gain an edge over your competition by receiving quality leads? Our proven lead Marketing System targets connects your market sector with your branded message so you can systematically receive real leads that fit your company’s criteria.

Purchase leads that specifically meet 100% of your business criteria, allowing you to get unattainable leads at affordable prices. We build custom lead generation programs starting from 500.00/Mo.

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Get a jump on your competitors and take the lead when most are content to follow.  

The Components of a Marketing Funnel for lead generation

These are the essential parts you’ll need to build each funnel in your lead management platform:

This is how you initially get people into your funnel. We use 100% email automation marketing with your message.

This is the message you’ll use to entice people to take advantage of your offer.

This is where you’ll tell them how great your offer is so they’ll want to download it (and give you their contact information). It will include a form through which you’ll collect your prospects’ contact information.

This is what’s going to persuade your prospects to give you their contact information.

Here’s where you say thanks and provide the download. You can also use the thank you page to drive them deeper into the buyer’s journey by offering an offer for a later stage of the buyer’s journey here. Or you can just get more information by providing another offer targeting the same stage of the buyer’s journey, but with different questions on the form.

You’ll send emails to see where your prospect is at in the buyer’s journey. If they downloaded a Consideration offer, you might send them a Decision offer 30 days later to see if they’re ready to buy.

Your job is to combine these components in a way that will qualify leads and drive prospects deeper into your maze so that you can find out who’s ready to buy (and be there when it’s time to make a purchase).

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Email marketing campaigns are one of the best lead generation tactics for small businesses

Every small business wants to generate more quality leads. If this is a focus for your business, email lead generation will play a vital role in your marketing strategy. To get the most out of your email marketing, we focus on tactics that are proven to maximize conversions over time.

We have built hundreds of campaigns, sent millions of email and generated thousands of leads for our clients over the past 10 years. We have the experience to create a lead generation program for your business that produces results.

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