Lead Generation Strategies

4 Effective Lead Generation Strategies

Studies show that only 2 percent of sales happen at the first meeting. If only 1 in every 50 sales happens right out of the gate, you need to get those leads into your marketing funnel if you want to close the sale.

Let’s look at 4 effective lead generation strategies that will help you get more leads into your funnel.

1. Custom Landing Pages

One of the best lead generation strategies is to create custom landing pages for each of your ads, social media posts, and any other source of traffic to your website. When a prospect lands on your site, the page needs to continue the conversation that started elsewhere.

Sending them to a product page, your home page, or any other one-size-fits-all content will result in lower conversion rates.

2. Content Upgrades

A content upgrade, also known as gated content, is content that is only available after a visitor to your site opts into your email list or provides their contact information in some other way.

Once they opt into your email list, you will be able to follow up with them afterward, which is what successful lead generation strategies are all about.

You do not want to hide everything behind a “tripwire” of some kind though. Give your prospect high-quality, actionable information upfront so they will want to get more.

3. Show Them Value

The days of generating leads by offering a “free subscription” to your emails are long gone. Your prospects’ inboxes are probably overflowing already – the last thing they want is more email that may or may not be of any value.

Instead, create offers that are so clearly valuable that your visitors would be crazy not to sign up for it.

Do not worry about giving away too much information either. In most cases, you could tell your prospects how to do for themselves what you can do and they would still turn to you for help.

Most people do not have time to figure out the nuts and bolts of something new. They would prefer to pay an expert to do it faster and better.

4. Remarketing

One of the most powerful components of online advertising platforms, like Facebook Ads and Google Ads, is remarketing.

Remarketing lets you show ads to specific groups of people based on actions they have taken or web pages they’ve visited. For example, you could create an ad offering a discount to people who visit a particular landing page on your website but do not take action.

Have you ever looked at a product on Amazon and started seeing ads pop up for similar products (or even the one you looked at) on various other sites? If so, you have seen remarketing in action. You can even target your competitors’ customers by remarketing to people who like their pages on Facebook or visit other related pages.

Where to Get Help with These Lead Generation Strategies

These effective lead generation strategies aren’t especially complicated but they will take some time and effort to get set up. And you’ll need to put in work to track them and tweak things as you get the results.

If you would rather focus on what your business does best and leave the lead generation strategies to experts, One Stop Emails can help. We offer a range of services to help you generate more leads for your business.

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