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Content is King in Your Email Campaign

Regardless of the multitude of different ways to stay in contact today, email remains relevant. It provides a level of intimacy that means that it will not be going away anytime soon.

Yet, as with all things that work, email marketing has become flooded. The average office worker receives 121 emails a day, meaning that your email campaign, no matter how long you have spent on it, could end up lost in the crowd and, worse, not generate any leads.

What is the special sauce to make your email marketing campaign work a treat? Great targeted content.

What you say and the value provided in your emails are not easily forgotten, and when done right, it can have your customers and clients looking forward to them. So, if you are interested in hitting the mark consistently, then keep on reading.

Hit That Subject Line Out the Park

The best email marketing campaigns need effective subject lines if they want to be considered killer content.

For anyone at a loss for how to come up with them, these are some clear and proven steps you can follow. First, get personal and use the recipient’s name. This process has increased open rates by an amazing 29%!

Next, you want to make sure that what you are saying to Jamal, Jane or James lets them know precisely what they are in for. While it could be tempting to go for a clickbait title, people soon get tired of being disappointed, and you will quickly realize that when you see your click-thru rates take a nosedive.

Aim to be honest but to pique interest by giving them a little of what the email has in store.

Also, short but sweet is the name of the game, especially as most people read emails on their mobile devices.

Segmentation Means Lead Generation

Have you ever gotten a gift that was perfectly wrapped only to be disappointed by what was inside?

That disappointment can shift its way over to your emails if you don’t back them up. Even with a great subject line, if what you are giving isn’t wanted by the recipient, it will fall flat without fail.

The best way to avoid this is by making good use of segmentation. Today, it is easy to track how and who is interacting with your brand, so put that info to good use to give them what they want.

If you keep your email lists trim and organized, doing this is relatively easy. You can break emails down into sections such as location, new customers, or those who have purchased a particular product.

The benefits of this are astronomical, as one study shows a 760% ROI from using this tactic.

Old But Gold

The last word should go to those who struggle to come up with new content. While it can seem like a thankless task, it might be a relief to know that you do not have to!

If you have multiple social media streams and a blog, you can isolate what worked and repurpose that information for your email campaign. Consolidated emails on related blog posts or “best of Instagram” emails can help people feel like they can catch up on what they have missed out on and allow you to save time and money on what you know already will work.

Email Campaign Success Guaranteed

These targeted techniques are simple to implement but produce astonishing results.

However, while these tactics work, you can easily find yourself not being as effective as you need to be without an expert hand to put them in place. For this reason, One Stop Emails is dedicated and specialized in making your marketing campaigns as effective as possible.

If that interests you, do not hesitate to get in contact with us today.