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Why Targeted Email Marketing Can Translate Into More Sales

With 87% of marketers admitting to using email to distribute messages, email remains one of the most popular digital marketing strategies. This strategy is used by at least 80% of SMBs for both customer acquisition and retention.

The effectiveness of a strong email marketing strategy cannot be questioned. The marketing approach has a 4,200% ROI, which is much higher than any other strategy.

Over the years, email marketing has evolved, with new tactics emerging to help marketers engage their audiences even better. One of these tactics is targeted email marketing. In today’s blog, we look at some of the reasons a targeted email marketing campaign can help boost your sales.

Targeted Emails Improve Relevancy

A common piece of advice about email marketing is to segment your audience into groups that help you customize your marketing messages. The goal is to make sure that each of your target email recipients receives a message that is relevant to them.

Consumers who receive relevant messages are much more likely to engage with your brand than those who don’t. These customers are more motivated to click and convert because the email appeals to their needs and offers value to them. So, if you use email marketing in your business, try to use segmentation to get better results.

Targeted Email Marketing Encourages Response

One of the top benefits of targeted email marketing is that it encourages recipients to respond to the email. When the copy, image, or send time of an email are targeted to a specific audience, it’s highly likely that they’ll relate to it and respond positively. The more your email recipients take the action you specified in the email, the more your sales go up.

Sometimes, recipients will even send a message back to you, responding to the email you sent. Through their response, you can better see what their views are regarding your offerings and take appropriate action to serve them better.

You Get to Build Better Relationships

When you send relevant messages to your clients, you’re demonstrating that you value them as a brand. Over time, this helps positively impact your relationship with your subscribers. It’s no wonder the vast majority of companies rely on email marketing to retain their customers.

As long as your customers receive personalized emails, they’ll continue to hold your brand in high regard. They learn over time to have high expectations from your emails. The more you keep meeting and exceeding these expectations, the more they will trust and respect your brand.

Leverage the Power of Targeted Email Marketing to Boost Your Brand

Thanks to its colossal ROI, email marketing has helped power business success for many brands for decades—marketers who master how to use targeted email marketing stand to reap even bigger benefits. If you’re yet to implement this email marketing strategy, now’s the time to do so.

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