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What Is an Email Drip Campaign? A Smart Marketer’s Guide

Marketing through email is one of the most effective ways of reaching new leads and re-engaging prior customers. It boasts a paperless and nearly automated system of communication. It can also prove to be one of the most ineffective since potential customers can instantly throw your message in the trash with only one click.

Sometimes the email is not even opened.

Email lead generation can be a fantastic boost for your business but must be approached in a way that grabs your client’s attention amid the sea of other emails in their inbox. An email drip campaign offers a precise, client-focused schedule of emails that help target where the lead is in their decision-making process.

Read on to learn just what an email drip campaign can do for you and why it is an essential building block in any modern marketing strategy.

What Is An Email Drip Campaign?

Often confused for trigger emails, a drip campaign sends a series of emails out rather than just one. These emails are prompted by specific user actions, with the option of new messages sent on a timely schedule.

For example, you may own a business selling guitars. Your website,, sends out an email if a potential lead leaves something in their cart. This email prompts them to come back before the item is sold out, calling them to action rather than telling them something generic.

They already know Biff’s Rocking Riffs sells amazing guitars. An email containing a blanket statement meant to appeal to a wider audience is much less likely to persuade them to come back to your website.

Why Is An Email Drip Campaign Essential?

It is just more personalized. A single trigger email is crafted to cast a wide net and attract as many people as possible. A drip campaign offers the opportunity to include more personalized messages in the body and subject line, fostering a more engaging relationship with the customer.

The automation of a drip marketing campaign allows your team to send different campaigns to different groups. This process also means you will not be overloading inboxes with generic or repetitive messages, driving away business instead of attracting it.

Once a lead opts-in, you can combine that customized experience with some effective writing tips. This process leads to an email campaign that captures your audience at the right time, in the right way.

Furthermore, drip email marketing software allows you to track data such as click-through-rate. Having a handle on what is effective and what is not can help you tweak your strategy. More engaged leads follow!

Help Your Business Thrive

By saving you time, sparking curiosity in potential leads, and nurturing loyalty in current subscribers, the right tools can help you launch your campaign and get your email lead generation started. Contact us to discuss how we can help you steer more quality leads to your website today.