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How to Build an Email Marketing Strategy for 2023

Over 60% of small businesses use email marketing. An effective email marketing strategy could even generate a $36 ROI. With a sound strategy in place, you can use emails to engage your audience, generate sales, and grow your business.

Not sure how to update your email marketing plan for 2023? Here are a few easy tips that can help.

These email marketing ideas can set your business up for growth and success. Read on to learn more.

Audit Your Lists

First, ensure you offer consumers a way to subscribe to your emails. Offer consumers an eBook, coupon, or another freebie to encourage them to provide their emails. Add a lead magnet on your website to generate more subscriptions.

As you begin gaining subscribers, make sure to audit and clean your email lists regularly.

Make sure you have permission to use the emails in your lists. If someone recently unsubscribed, remove them from your active list right away.

Consider creating personalized emails for the group of inactive email subscribers. Try to re-engage them or offer to remove them permanently if your emails are no longer relevant to their needs.


Personalization will help you build stronger connections with your customers. In fact,45% of consumers won’t waste time on branded content that doesn’t match their interests.

Personalized emails generate six times higher transaction rates. About 90% of marketers report a measurable lift in results after using personalization. Another 98% say it advances customer relationships.

Define your customers based on distinct buyer personas using demo- and psychographic research. Then, create unique emails for each buyer persona.

Personalization will show customers you understand their needs and expectations.

Strengthen Subject Lines

If your subject lines aren’t engaging, consumers might delete them outright. The subject line is the first thing they see. So how can you make it more engaging?

First, get personal. Include the consumer’s name in the subject line.

Use humor to spark their interest. Hint at the content to pique their curiosity to encourage opens, too. You can also use emojis to help your subject lines stand out.

Use Imagery

Once people open your emails, they need a reason to keep reading.

First, utilize white space to give your content room to breathe. Use short sentences, paragraphs, and headers to improve readability. Make sure your emails are optimized for mobile users, too.

Eye-catching, branded images can help you engage your audience as well. Use animations, videos, and other graphics to capture their attention.

Then, use a linked button to encourage consumers to take action.

Review the Analytics

Review the analytics from your campaigns to determine where you can make improvements. Determine which emails are generating the most opens or conversions and use that information to improve your emails’ overall flow and content.

A/B test your subject lines, headers, imagery, and call-to-action language to determine what works best.

Update Your Email Marketing Strategy for 2023 Today

A strong email marketing strategy can set your business up for the upcoming year. Use these easy email marketing tips to get started. Otherwise, consider working with an experienced digital marketing agency.

With help, you can keep your customers interested and engaged.

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