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How to Be Consistent with Your Email Newsletters

Today, when people get their local news, it isn’t through a newspaper. It’s through a variety of newsletters focusing on their topics of interest. With email still being the best way to connect with your customers, crafting a newsletter can be a great way to inform your customers, answer their questions, and direct them back to your business.

But if your newsletter does not provide value for your customers, it can quickly be relegated to the junk folder. How can you continue optimizing your email marketing results to help your business grow? Here are a few areas to consider as you analyze your email newsletters.

What Content Is Popular?

With today’s technology, you can easily find out what links within your newsletter receive more clicks, directing people back to your website. Other analytical tools provide information to help you determine what your customers are asking about or searching for, thus allowing you to shape your content to reflect that.

Review your content and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it informative?
  • Does it provide unique information they can’t get from other sources?
  • Is your content to the point, or does it tend to be long-winded?
  • Are your photos or illustrations adding to the content or simply page-fillers?

If the answer is yes, you will likely hit the right notes with your content.

Are You Consistent?

There are a couple of ways that you need to be consistent. The first is delivery. Does your email marketing have a consistent schedule, or do your customers never know when it might arrive?

Additionally, is your format consistent, or do they have to search for links and information because nothing is in the same place from one newsletter to the next?

Here are a few other areas to consider as you analyze your consistency:

  • Formatting – Consider using a template to avoid misalignment.
  • Repeating elements – Footers, headers, and department heads can make your email newsletter easy to navigate.
  • Regular fonts – Your customers should not be trying to decipher your latest font choice every week. Instead, use the same font choices throughout the newsletter and from issue to issue.
  • Color – Using color can attract individuals, but too much color can be off-putting. Focus on highlighting the information, not overwhelming it.

Does It Feel Cluttered?

Making an email newsletter feel cluttered is easy to do. You can easily overwhelm your readers with multiple fonts, frames, and images. Use only one or two images and less than three fonts to keep it approachable.

However, if you want to bring life into your email newsletters, consider using contrast. Enlarge the fonts in the title or use an exaggerated drop cap. White space can also be a great way to create contrast with gutters or margins to balance out against areas of dense text.

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