Email marketing

How Email Marketing Can Support Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Growing your business involves letting your customers know who you are and what you can offer them. Digital marketing gets your brand seen by your customers where they are, which is online. At the same time, email marketing has grown significantly as businesses use it to inform their customers about their offerings and highlight various events.

But these two things are not separate from each other. In fact, your email marketing can dovetail with your digital marketing through integration. This guide gives tips on how email marketing can support your digital marketing strategy.

What Makes Email Marketing Different?

Digital marketing spreads your brand across a variety of platforms, be it social media, your website, or digital advertising. Email marketing is different because you connect with people who already love your brand and have signed up to hear from you regularly.

With a direct line of communication to your customers, you need to ensure your emails provide quality content and communicate your message effectively. Additionally, you have a chance to use your email marketing to guide your customers to your other digital marketing efforts on other platforms. How is that possible?

Integration of Email Marketing and Digital Marketing

According to Smart Insights, email marketing campaigns deliver about 20% open rate, which is significantly higher than social media click-through rates. That demonstrates why email marketing should be the foundation of your digital marketing and not an afterthought.

Your marketing strategy needs to be focused on delivering hyper-relevant content to your audience. Email marketing can be the way to do just that. This marketing strategy can also provide links to get people to visit your website and engage with your social media accounts. Note that email marketing is the bedrock on which everything else depends.

Analytics: Understanding Your ROI

Integrating email marketing into your digital marketing makes gathering analytics from across multiple platforms easier. You can see what links they click on and when your customers open your emails. You get concrete proof that your marketing efforts are reaching your customers and that they are following through on your calls to action.

So how can you ramp up the benefits of email marketing?

Creating Hyper-Relevant Content

To get the most out of your email marketing, break your subscriber list into different segments. Then you can create hyper-relevant emails with content that appeals directly to these groups.

Plus, your email marketing provider has access to data from platforms like Google Analytics and YouTube to assist you in creating campaigns with relevant data about your subscribers, including how they are accessing your information, browsing habits, and more.

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