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Benefits of Email Marketing as Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Over 21% of your email subscribers will open your emails, while as little as 13% of your followers may see your Instagram post. That number is also an average across all industries and can be much higher if you pay attention to these tips. And while 21% may still seem so little, there are numerous ways to boost that number.

That’s why email marketing should be a key component of your digital marketing strategy.

Email marketing allows you to connect with your customers and followers more personally than other digital marketing channels. Keep reading to learn all the benefits to be had when you focus on building your email marketing strategy.

Owning Your List

A social media platform can disappear at any time. Just look at what happened to Vine. Your entire customer list could be gone instantly, and you would have no way to contact them.

When you focus on email marketing, you own your customer list. No one can take that away from you, which means you always have a way to reach your target market.

Plus, when people sign up for your emails, they are giving you explicit permission to contact them. This increases the chance they will actually read the emails you send them instead of immediately hitting the delete button.

Targeted Emails

You can segment your email list to send targeted messages to different groups of people. This allows you to create content that appeals directly to their needs and interests, which increases the likelihood they will engage with your message.

For example, if you sell both men’s and women’s clothing, you would segment your list into two groups. The men’s group would receive emails about the latest men’s fashion trends, while the women’s group would get information about the newest arrivals in store. You would then send each group targeted emails with content relevant to their needs.

You can also segment your email list by location, purchase history, or other criteria that make sense for your business. The more targeted your email content is, the better results you will see.

Increased ROI

Email marketing has one of the highest ROIs of any digital marketing channel. For every $1 spent on email marketing, it’s possible to receive a return of about $38.

That’s a 3,800% ROI, which is hard to beat. And when done correctly, email marketing is very cost-effective.

There are numerous ways to increase your ROI even further, such as using email automation or running targeted campaigns.

Improved Customer Relationships

When you focus on email marketing, you have the opportunity to improve your relationships with your customers and followers. You can do this by providing them with valuable content that they actually want to read.

You can also use email marketing to stay top of mind with your audience. By sending regular emails, you will stay on their radar, so they think of you when they need a product or service you offer.

This is the perfect way to nurture leads and turn them into customers or clients down the road.

Get Started with Email Marketing Today

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Plus, our team of experts is always here to help if you need any assistance along the way. We’ll help you set up email automation, segment your list and design beautiful opt-in forms.

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